Patient Information

Making an Appointment

All appointments are done through the Sunninghill Office on 011 806 1770/2. The fax is 011 806 1796.

Please bring with you the following:
  • Your medical aid card
  • Walking devices / crutches
  • Relevant x-rays or MRI scan
  • Clinical notes from referring physician.


Payment is expected at the time of your consultation. This does not include workman’s compensation patients and early post-operative follow up appointments. For your convenience we accept credit cards, cheques or cash.

Surgery Information

If you require surgery, Dr Michael Barrow will explain the operative procedure and the type of rehabilitation you will need. The team of physiotherapists will discuss the rehabilitation with you in more detail whilst you are in hospital.

It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain pre-authorization from their medical aid for the relevant surgery. Barrow office will assist in obtaining this.

What to Bring

  • X-Rays / MRI Scan
  • Knee brace (If you have been using one)
  • Crutches (If you have your own)
  • Any icing device that you have used and like (cold pack or cryotherapy)
  • Toiletries, pyjamas and change of clothes.

Operating Lists

Dr Micahel Barrow's Operating Lists are on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. You will be required to have nothing to eat or drink for at least 6 hours before your scheduled operation.

Please contact the office the day before your surgery to find out the estimated time your surgery is scheduled.

Contact Details

Dr. Michael Barrow

Tel: 011 806 1772/0 and 011 806 1657
Fax: 011 806 1796
Cell: 082 925 4940

After Hours:
Sunninghill Casualty: 011 806 1652

Sunninghill Hospital
Suite 5, East Wing
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